Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

Average risk adults aged 50-75

Screening Method


Stool-Based Screening Tests

Fecal Occult Blood Test

Every year

Fecal Immunochemical Tests

Every year

Stool DNA

Every 1 or 3 years*

Direct Visualization Tests


Every 10 years

CT Colonography

Every 5 years

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy without FIT

Every 5 years

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy with FIT

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy every 10 years with FIT every year

* Frequency depends on the test brand

NOTE: You do NOT need to do more than one type of screening option.
            (Example: If you select a colonoscopy, you do NOT need annual stool-based tests.)

Source: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations, June 2016