Music at the Pylons on Feb.14

All are invited to join in musical recitals from WVU Health Sciences students and employees on Feb. 14, at noon in the Pylons Lobby.

Performances include:

  • Jessica Frey – Neurology Resident
  • Jeri-Sue Santangelo – Oncology Center – 9 West
  • MountainAires – Jeffrey Cannon, Medical Student
  • Joe Andria – Research & Graduate Education

If you are interested in performing at an upcoming concert, please fill out the online form. For more information contact, Joanna DiStefano.



  • The WVU School of Nursing remembers Delaney Wykle, BSN, Class of 2019

    The WVU School of Nursing remembers Delaney Wykle, BSN, Class of 2019

    On behalf of the WVU School of Nursing, I would like to send our sincerest sympathies to the Wykle family for the devastating loss of Delaney on July 4, 2019.  While Delaney spent a short part of her life with the School of Nursing, she had a big impact on our faculty, staff and her fellow students with her dedication to the nursing profession.

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  • The HRSA Team Says Farewell

    It is time for the HRSA Team to sadly say goodbye. After four years of working to improve and increase the utilization of interprofesional collaborative practice and teamwork in our hospital's Medical and Surgical units, we bring our projects to conclusion. We saw many changes in our organiztions, personnel, and culture over those three allotted years, plus a No-Cost Extension of one more year. We rose to many challenges and adapted to continue implementing these projects in the name of improving health outcomes and patient-centered care, as well as working conditions for all members of our interprofessional teams. We strived to give voices to those who were previously undervalued and underengaged, including the patients themselves. We are so grateful for the opportunities we had to impact our organizations, and to bridge gaps by building a stronger academic-service partnership. Thank you to all leadership and staff members who supported this grant and its initiatives! 

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  • WVU ICRH opens survey on Opioid Use Disorder treatment; training sessions available

    The West Virginia University Institute for Community and Rural Health is seeking participation from physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners for a survey, "Ability to Treat Opioid Use Disorder in West Virginia." The survey should take no more than 10 minutes, and will help assess providers' availability and willingness to prescribe medication-assisted treatment to patients with Opioid Use Disorder.

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