Information for Patients

When scheduled for an inpatient stay, please report to the Admissions Desk located on the first floor of WVU Hospitals. (Ruby Memorial) Before you leave your house on the morning of a scheduled admission, please call 304-598-4164. The admission staff will give you an approximate time to come to the hospital, or get from you a contact number so they can call you when your bed is ready.

We encourage you to bring only essential items to the hospital, such as sleepwear and toiletries. Please check with your nurse if you have any other questions or concerns regarding other items. If you are a bone marrow transplant patient,your nurse clinician or transplant coordinator will provide a patient/caregiver binder that outlines instructions and precautions to follow during your procedure.


On occasion, you may be admitted directly to the hospital from clinic or from your home. If this happens, your nurse clinician will provide you with specific instructions at that time.

More resources for inpatient stays: