Alexander B. Osborn Hematopoietic Malignancy and Transplantation Program

The Osborn Program brings together individuals with scientific and clinical interests in hematological malignancies and transplantation with co-leaders Laura F. Gibson, PhD and William Tse, MD.

The scientific elements include research of a basic and translational nature related to hematologic malignancies, with an effort to develop projects that capitalize on combined investigator expertise and interests. Thematic areas include the bone marrow as a unique tumor microenvironment, regulation of therapeutic response in hematologic malignancies and stem cell development with focus on factors that regulate the utility of stem cells in the transplantation setting.

The program draws membership across diverse disciplines and benefits from the inclusion of clinicians, basic scientists, engineers, and statisticians to bring a unique combination of expertise to scientific inquiry related to the thematic focus. Monthly meetings and annual retreats provide a consistent forum for exchange of ideas, mentoring, and project development.

The Osborn Program strives to support development of individual scientific endeavors while identifying emerging themes of strength from which to build multi-investigator projects and interdisciplinary connections with our partner programs. As indicated in the schematic, two areas of emerging emphasis include studies of stem cell biology and angiogenesis. These areas are tethered by an overlap in focus on tumor microenvironment which remains a programmatic theme.