Davis Lab 2016

Pictured left to right: Kelsey Sadlek, Sher Khan, Dr. Davis, Eric Lundstrom and Yasser Khouj

The major theme areas to the Davis lab are: (1) Obesity and the risk and progression of breast cancer; (2) Biological factors (specifically, adipokines cytokines and growth factors) that contribute to obesity-induced dysregulation of adipocyte-tumor cell interactions; (3) Clinically relevant inflammatory targets underlying the risk of obesity and breast cancer.

For over a decade, my experimental laboratory work has focused on obesity-related adipokines as mediators of breast and prostate cancer progression. Our lab has developed expertise using in vivo mouse models of mammary cancer (transgenic, diet-induced obesity models), to study how adipose tissue influences the metastatic potential of tumors. More recently, we have developed an interest in adipocyte biology and how cytokines and adipokines elaborated from adipose influence the breast tumor microenvironment in obesity. Our population interests are related to obesity and triple-negative breast cancer in underserved populations. We work closely with oncologists to understand breast cancer pathology, receptor status, and patterns of metastasis in Appalachia..

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