The role of NEDD9 in metastasis of breast cancers via regulation of mesenchymal/amoeboid invasion

In previous studies, the focal adhesion-associated scaffolding protein NEDD9 has been implicated as a possible dynamic switch between the mesenchymal and amoeboid migration methods of melanoma cancer cells. Management of this phenotype switch provides a possible control mechanism that could open up new strategies for treatments of metastatic cancers. My project investigates the potential of a simultaneous mesenchymal and amoeboid pathway inhibition therapy against breast cancer metastasis through targeting of NEDD9 and amoeboid drivers such as ROCK and RhoA.

In addition, I assist in the building and propagation of our breast cancer patient-derived xenograft library. Through the Cooperative Human Tissue Network, we have received many breast cancer patient tumor samples for the purpose of creating a vast library of PDX samples that are confirmed to engraft and grow in mouse models for the study of breast cancer.”