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The WVU Cancer Institute welcomes applications from all faculty who have cancer-related research interests.

One of the major goals of membership to the Cancer Center is to stimulate the academic and clinical environment. We want to conduct state-of-the-art cancer research, provide cutting-edge clinical care driven by cancer research, and promote cancer education via formal membership in the WVU Cancer Institute. Membership is distinguished from an academic appointment and does not carry with it any implied obligation of financial support. It does, however, provide substantial benefits to members. To be considered for membership the candidate is judged by their scientific background and expertise and by scholarly work, such as publications of high quality, and regional, national, and international presentations.

To assess commitment, particular emphasis is placed on a prospective member’s ability and willingness to make an active contribution to ongoing Center basic and clinical research endeavors, and to collaborate with other Center members in planning and carrying out innovative basic, clinical, translational or cancer control and behavioral research related to the etiology, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of cancer. In addition to actively participating in research, clinical, and educational activities, all members must be willing to serve on appropriate Center committees and be willing to participate in other Center activities and program areas. Membership is limited to one program. With sufficient justification, an exception for membership in two programs may be granted by the Director. Program rosters are reviewed annually by Program Leaders. The factors considered for membership continuation include the level and quality of research activities (judged in part by peer-reviewed funding), participation in Center activities, and level of collaborative interactions with other program members. Discontinuation of membership generally signifies cessation of productive research that fits into the programmatic goals of WVU Cancer Institute.