Publications of Valery Khramtsov, PhD

New class of 8-aryl-7-deazaguanine cell permeable fluorescent probes.
Dhimitruka I, Eubank TD, Gross AC, Khramtsov VV.
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Electron spin relaxation times and rapid scan EPR imaging of pH-sensitive amino-substituted trityl radicals.
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Detection of nitric oxide production in cell cultures by luciferin-luciferase chemiluminescence.
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Involvement of tumor macrophage HIFs in chemotherapy effectiveness: mathematical modeling of oxygen, pH, and glutathione.
Chen D, Bobko AA, Gross AC, Evans R, Marsh CB, Khramtsov VV, Eubank TD, Friedman A.
PLoS One. 2014;9(10):e107511


In vivo proton-electron double-resonance imaging of extracellular tumor pH using an advanced nitroxide probe.
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New spectral-spatial imaging algorithm for full EPR spectra of multiline nitroxides and pH sensitive trityl radicals.
Tseitlin MP, Biller JR, Elajaili H, Khramtsov VV, Dhimitruka I, Eaton GR, Eaton SS.
J Magn Reson. 2014;245:150-155.


Phosphonated trityl probes for concurrent in vivo tissue oxygen and pH monitoring using electron paramagnetic resonance-based techniques.
Dhimitruka I, Bobko AA, Eubank TD, Komarov DA, Khramtsov VV.
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In vivo monitoring of pH, redox status, and glutathione using L-band EPR for assessment of therapeutic effectiveness in solid tumors.
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Trityl-based EPR probe with enhanced sensitivity to oxygen.
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The role of the NADPH oxidase complex, p38 MAPK, and Akt in regulating human monocyte/macrophage survival.
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Macrophage-colony-stimulating factor-induced activation of extracellular-regulated kinase involves phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and reactive oxygen species in human monocytes.
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