• Use of the AMIF resources is by appointment only. ¬†Approved users can make appointments using the CORES reservation software.

Make an appointment

  • Before an imaging experiment begins, we like to meet with you to discuss the experimental design. ¬†The AMIF can do all the imaging for your lab or you can be trained for independent use.
  • If you are interested in independent use, training must be scheduled with an Imaging Specialist in the Facility. No one except a staff member of the AMIF is permitted to train new users on the imaging systems.
  • Once an individual is proficient on the imaging systems, they can request card access to the facility. These requests must be approved by the AMIF staff.
  • Any work with animals must be performed on an approved ACUC protocol. The AMIF is glad to assist you with updating your protocol to include animal imaging procedures.