Nikon Sweptfield Confocal

The Nikon Sweptfield Confocal is three microscopes in one. It provides live cell confocal imaging, Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) imaging, and epifluorescent and brightfield imaging.

Microscope Specs

  • Nikon Eclipse TE2000-E microscope
  • Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ monochrome CCD camera
  • Photometrics QuantEM:512SC monochrome EMCCD camera
  • Bioptechs Delta T4 Culture Dish and Bioptechs Objective Heater
  • OKO Labs Digital Stage Top Incubator (Temperature, Humidity & CO2)
  • Prior ProScan II Encoded Motorized Stage
Type Magnification Numerical
Immersion Contrast Working
Cover Glass
Light Gathering
Plan Apo 10 0.45 Air DIC N1 4.0 mm 0.17 4.10
Plan Fluor 20 0.50 Air Ph1 DLL 2.1 mm 0.17 1.56
Plan Apo 20 0.75 Air DIC N2 1.0 mm 0.17 7.91
Plan Fluor 40 0.75 Air Ph2 DLL 0.66 mm 0.17 1.98
Plan Apo 40 1.00 Oil DIC H 0.16 mm 0.17 6.25
Apo TIRF 60 1.49 Oil DIC N2 0.12 mm 0.13-0.21 13.69


  Ex Filter Wheel Em Filter Wheel
GFP ET 470/40x ET 520/40m
mCherry ET 572/35x ET 632/60m
CFP ET 430/24x ET 470/24m
YFP ET 500/20x ET 535/30m
DAPI (UV transmitting) D 350/50x  
DAPI (attenuated UV) ET 402/15x ET 455/50m
FITC ET 490/20x ET 525/36m
TRITC ET 555/25x ET 605/52m
Cy5 ET 645/30x ET 705/72m

Spectral Viewer
Fluorophore Chart