Zeiss PALM

Demonstration images of the ZEISS Palm microscope.Upright fluorescent microscope for laser microdissection of cryosections, FFPE materials, native tissue like fresh plants, live cells and chromosomes - without contamination.

Microscope Specs

  • Zeiss Axiovert 200M Microscope
  • PALM Robo Software
  • Hitachi HV-D30 high resolution 12-bit 3 CCD Color Camera
  • UV-A laser
  • LudI motorized stage
  • HBO 100 Mercury Light Source for FITC/GFP and Rhodamine visualization

Objectives on the Zeiss PALM

Type Magnification Numerical
Immersion Working
Cover Glass
Fluar 5x 0.25 Air 12.5mm 0.17
Fluar 10x 0.50 Air 1.9mm 0.17
Fluar 20x 0.75 Air 0.6 0.17
LD Plan-Neofluar 40x 0.60 Air 2.9mm 0-1.5

Spectral Viewer
Fluorophore Chart


 PALM Instructions