• We offer the development of PDX models for multiple types of cancers including breast, lung, head and neck, brain, cervical, etc. Please contact us to discuss the available options and develop a plan for a fast and efficient PDX production protocol.
  • NOD-SCID gamma (NSG) mice can be ordered in conjunction with the TAF and surgically implanted or injected with the patient tissue of your choice.
  • PDXCF will advise/assist with tissue procurement protocol and resources.
  • Patient tissue samples can be transplanted orthotopically or subcutaneously in the mouse flank
  • Patient tissue samples can be either obtained by the researcher beforehand or if available, can be chosen from our personal tissue bank collection which currently includes a vast array of already established human breast cancer PDXs.
  • PDX-implanted mice will be cared for and monitored by the PDXCF staff for tumor growth and any signs of distress for the duration of the study.
  • Successfully grown tumors can be collected from mice and cryopreserved in multiple pieces for the purposes of scientific analysis or further future propagation.

If you are considering utilizing the PDXCF, we recommend to contact our core director Dr. Elena Pugacheva to discuss your potential experimental design at least 2 months prior to your anticipated need of our services. The extra time is needed for ordering of NSG mice for your project