• PTMCF is offering procurement, maintenance and analysis of a number of oncogene/carcinogen-driven tumor models in immunocompetent mice to support research projects.
  • We offer the development/production/maintenance/characterization of patient-derived models, including patient-derived-xenografts (PDX) models, for multiple types of cancers, including breast, lung, head and neck, brain, cervical, etc. Please contact us to discuss the available options and develop a plan for fast and efficient protocol development.
  • NOD-SCID gamma (NSG) mice can be ordered in conjunction with the TACF and surgically implanted or injected with the patient tissue of your choice.
  • PTMCF offers assistance with mouse model, tissue and PDX procurement protocols and resources, along with MTA.
  • Mouse models or patient tissue samples can be either obtained by the researcher beforehand or if available, can be chosen from our institutional tissue bank collection, which currently includes a vast array of already established human breast cancer PDXs.

If you are considering utilizing the PMTCF, we recommend to contact our core director, Dr. Elena Pugacheva at (304-293-5295), to discuss potential experimental design prior to your anticipated need of services. Extra time is needed for ordering mice and filing an MTA.