Stocks and Other Securities Giving

How to Make a Gift

Donating stocks, bonds and other securities is another common way to contribute. The WVU Foundation accepts gifts of securities for benefit of the WVU Cancer Institute. The donor receives a gift detailing the gift value at the average of the high and low price of the securities on the date the transfer is completed. Stock proceeds are administered according to the donor’s wishes.

  • Electronic Stock Transfers – Instruct your bank or broker to contact the WVU Foundation to obtain brokerage account information and transfer instructions. The donor’s broker may require a letter of instruction as authorization for the securities transfer.
  • Physical Stock Certificates – the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) require that a signature(s) on the stock certificate(s) must be medallion guaranteed (not a notary seal) by the donor’s bank or brokerage company. Contact the WVU Foundation for certificate signature(s), assignment, stock power and delivery instructions.
  • Other Securities – Companies impose different transfer requirements for mutual funds, bonds or closely-held stocks. Contact the WVU Foundation for more information regarding these gifts.

How It Works

  • First, transfer appreciate stocks, corporate bonds or mutual fund shares you have owned for one year or more to the WVU Foundation
  • Then, the WVU Foundation sells your securities and uses the proceeds to support your intended WVU Cancer Institute program.


  • Avoid paying capital gains tax on the transfer
  • Receive an immediate income-tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the date of transfer, no matter what you originally paid for them.

For more information about stocks and other securities, please visit 

For more information contact:

Email: WVU Cancer Institute Development Team
Call: 304-293-4597
Follow: #WVUCancer @wvucancer

For securities transfer instructions please contact:

Amy Pridemore
304-284-4064 or 304-284-4065
Toll Free 877-791-4344