Hazlehurst Laboratory


Dr. Lori Hazlehurst works with Nagaraju "Raj" Anreddy.

Welcome to the laboratory of Dr. Lori Hazlehurst. Our laboratory focuses on the role of the tumor microenvironment in mediating tumor progression and drug resistance. This work has led to identification of novel drug resistant mechanism as well as the pre-clinical development of strategies to circumvent cell adhesion mediated drug resistance or CAM-DR. Our strategies include utilizing primary patient specimens coupled to genomic approaches for the identification of novel targets. Promising drugable targets are then further explored in collaboration with chemists and structural biologist to develop novel chemical probes to interrogate tumor progression and drug resistance. Lead molecules are further optimized and then validated using animal models and primary specimens. Dr. Hazlehurst was co-inventor of MTI-101, a cyclic peptide licensed by Modulation Therapeutics ( www.Modulationtherapeutics.com ).  Our work is supported by NCI ROI and STTR/SBIR mechanisms. Dr. Hazlehurst is in the department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences and is a member of the Osborn Program of Hematopoietic Malignancies and Transplantation and the Cancer Biology Program. We are currently accepting graduate students to join our laboratory.