Investigating the role of nuclear AURKA kinase in promoting metastasis of triple negative breast cancers

Project Leader: Kristina Whately, B.S; Graduate Student, 5th year and Abha Maskey, M.S; Graduate Student, 1st year

Kristina Abha

The current project we are working on seeks to determine the role of nuclear Aurora A Kinase (AURKA) in Triple Negative Breast Cancer metastasis. Aurora A normally functions in cytoplasm as a major centrosome-based mitotic kinase, but some noncanonical functions have recently been reported including nuclear localization in breast cancer. We plan to further investigate this phenomenon and its impact on metastasis using animal models of breast cancer and explore potential clinical applications of AURKA-targeting to Nucleus drug strategies. Important techniques utilized include cell imaging, molecular cloning, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, tumor animal models and histology.