The role of KIF2 motor protein in disassembly of primary cilia in cancer

Project Leader: Sila Yanrdag, B.S; Graduate Student, 2nd year


The current project is focused in role of kinesin KIF2C in primary cilia disassembly in glioblastoma. The primary cilium is a ubiquitous microtubule based organelle that protrudes from the apical surface of most human cells and is lost during carcinogenesis. The primary cilium is an important regulator of proliferation and a key sensory organelle. This organelle serves as a hub for multiple signaling cascades. While it is tempting to speculate that the loss of cilia deregulates signaling and promotes oncogenesis, the impact of loss of the primary cilium in glioblastoma is unknown. The KIF2C protein is upregulated in many cancer cells and promotes both cilia disassembly and proliferation. Inhibition of KIF2C activity might lead to significant tumor growth inhibition and improve GBM patient survival.