Responsibilities of Members

All WVUCI members are encouraged to support the mission of the organization through the following activities:

• Participate in collaborative efforts and communication about research, patient care, prevention and education outreach initiatives.
• Participate in the WVUCI Science Exchange programs of research presentation and clinical/translational activities.
• Apply for Cancer Institute sponsored pilot project funding (i.e. ACS-IRG, Let the Journey Begin, etc.).
• Take advantage of the opportunity to submit proposals for pre-review to the WVU Office of Research and Graduate Education, prior to submission. (This is required for any investigator who has bridge funding from the WVUCI.)
• Include recognition of appointment and Cancer Institute support on all academic papers, grants, journal articles, poster sessions and/or abstracts related to cancer treatment, research, education/outreach and prevention. For slide and poster presentations, the templates are downloadable from the WVUCI website. (
• Request funds in grant applications to support WVUCI Shared Resource services.
• Identify WVUCI in Research Award Proposal (KC Blue Sheet)
• Participate in the WVUCI program project grants, training grant applications and cancer related educational activities.
• Attend cancer seminars and program meetings, sponsored by WVUCI.