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WV Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening - WVU Cancer Institute

WV Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening

The West Virginia Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening (WVPICCS) focuses on increasing screening rates for people ages 45-75 in partnership with primary care clinics in West Virginia.

Colorectal cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer in West Virginia, but it is preventable. With early screening, precancerous lesions can be detected to prevent colorectal cancer from developing.

Operated by WVU Cancer Institute Cancer Prevention and Control, WVPICCS partners with many primary care clinics throughout the state to increase screening rates using a systems change approach. From 2015-2020, WVPICCS partnered with 44 clinics, including federally-qualified health centers, safety-net free clinics, community health centers, and a county health department. Participating clinics increased average screening rates by 45 percent, screening an additional 100,000 West Virginians for colorectal cancer. The project has trained more than 600 healthcare providers and provided over 700 hours of technical assistance.

WVPICCS currently partners with 10 primary care clinics with plans to increase to a total of 20 sites. The goal is to help clinics put strategies in place to increase their colorectal cancer screening by at least 15 percent over baseline or higher. WVPICCS collaborates with partner clinics through training and ongoing technical assistance to:

  • Assess and enhance current screening practices
  • Enhance health information technology and electronic health record use
  • Adhere to current guidelines for screening and surveillance
  • Engage in evidence-based interventions, such as client reminders, provider assessment and feedback, provider reminder/recall systems, reducing structural barriers, and patient navigation
  • Increase follow-up and rescreening schedules

In addition to working directly with participating providers, WVPICCS aims to increase colorectal cancer education with targeted patient and public awareness via tailored print materials. A statewide colorectal roundtable also meets each year to bring together advocates, healthcare providers, payers, and the public health sector.

The WVPICCS is supported by funding from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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